for more beautiful selfies

Selfie COSMETIC is more than a make-up trend.

With Selfie COSMETIC you are always ready for the perfect selfie.

Selfie COSMETIC is the beauty secret of international influencers and stars.

Make your phone your make-up artist, thanks to


And this is how the new beauty miracle works:

  • Your skin looks fresh and relaxed as if it has just been pampered by the sun. This effect is achieved by a unique, beautiful, gentle shading.
  • Then the Selfie COSMETIC conjures an unmistakable glow on your appearance. Dark circles, shadows, acne are retouched by the glossy effect.
  • Your perfect skin tone is now at the heart of an even more beautiful selfie.
  • The subtle fragrance of lemon and grapefruit lasts for many hours and is fresh and charming.
  • Selfie COSMETIC protects you and your skin from the dangerous HEV radiation (blue light) from your mobile phone, notepad and notebook.

Make your phone your make-up artist, thanks to


Smartphones make you ugly

Cell phone radiations damage the skin

Did you know that HEV cell phone radiation (blue light) is even more dangerous for the skin than UV radiation? Scientists have discovered this in numerous university studies.

Wrinkles, pigment spots, acne, dry and reddened skin are the consequences.

We have developed Selfie COSMETIC to protect your skin from the blue light.

So now take out your mobile and take selfies without hesitation!


for more beautiful selfies

Blue light is also responsible for skin blemishes

This is confirmed by a case from Great Britain:
London blogger Mehreen Baig takes about 50 selfies a day and detects skin impurities, pigment spots and wrinkles on her skin. Her dermatologist cited the HEV light of her mobile phone as the cause.

Choose Your Favorite Style

Banning the mobile phone is not an option. What we need is a beauty miracle.

Selfie COSMETIC is the solution!

Cyan blue


Light pink

Light blue

Lilac purple

Apple green

The solution against digital aging


  • protects young and mature skin from infrared and blue light-induced burns and free radicals
  • preserves mitochondrial DNA
  • provides full protection against electromagnetic light stress
  • improves skin density and elasticity despite sunlight
  • protects young skin against “media” stress